the world is complex, 
it’s the detail that matters …

…to successfully convert insight into action​ 

Research an​d Insight.​.. 

Our bespoke research and insight platform helps businesses understand people, markets, key motivators, trends, products, services and behaviours that all inform strategic direction of an organisation
We use a combination of methodologies that include:  
qualitative, quantitative, online communities, data analytics, desk research and ethnography. 

Immersion & Exploratory Research

Objectives: Understanding people and untapped opportunities is imperative to creating clarity and building the right strategy for your business. We offer an holistic research platform that not only informs through insight but creates recommendations and strategic solutions that will enable the change and transformation process.  

Benefits: The right research and insight platform establishes and builds a clear understanding of people and market landscape, key motivations for consideration, purchase, functionality, feature and use. Identifying behaviours, issues and blockers, communication channels and relevant messaging. Practical solutions is always the end goal in order to drive growth, engagement and capability. 

Governance, Impact & Performance Research 

Objectives: Operations and points of view of your customers and people are designed to assess whether they align with that of your organisation and brand. 
Benefits: Measures the evolution of the business, brand and culture,  through analysing engagement, mindshare, commitment, motivation, brand value and sense of purpose. 


Research and Insight services... 

Market  Landscape & Cultural  Insight

  • Market landscape analysis 
  • Market assessment & trends mapping 
  • Competitor auditing 
  • Customer & experience insight 
  • Ethnographic context 
  • Behaviours insight 
  • Influencer and engagement insight 
  • Employee insight

Brand, Product, Services & Pricing 

  • Key purchasing criteria 
  • Customer Journey mapping 
  • Innovation & NPD  
  • Services development 
  • Product testing & launch 
  • Business case development 
  • Communications research 

Segmentation & Profile Mapping

  • Persona development 
  • Customer mapping 
  • Proposition insight development 
  • Cultural & Employee surveys 
  • Employee Survey Analytics 
  • Cultural mapping

Impact & Performance  Evaluation 

  • Customer engagement  
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Brand tracking 
  • Pre and post launch analytics  
  • On-going research planning 
  • Recurring employee surveys
  •  Cultural & Internal engagement 
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